Network Design and Support Projects

Here are a few examples of network designs we have built and continue to maintain. Take a look at these samples of our work to see how we could help you.

Manufacturing Network

Due to the nature of this manufacturing environment, special considerations were required to protect the primary networking equipment. A NEMA 12 enclosure was installed to protect this equipment from dust and dirt, and included a cooling system and a battery backup system.

In addition to the NEMA 12 enclosure, other measures were taken to minimize downtime, including: a fail-over router for Internet access, a server fail-over system with 15-minute synchronization cycles, and RAID drives on primary and fail-over servers.

All desktops were upgraded to SSDs for performance and reliability, as well as the maximum memory each supported.

Technology and Training Network

This network is used for software development, quality assurance, and training on technologies such as: Microsoft Office, security best practices, and online services. Servers were custom-built, and a TalkSwitch VoIP system was integrated into the network.

Services We Offer:

• Backup solutions
• Remote access setup
• Internet access setup
• VoIP setup and support
• Data privacy and encryption solutions
• Virtual Private Networks
• Secure wireless networking
• Secure File Transfer strategies
• Secure E-mail strategies
• Secure Instant Messaging

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